21 September, 2008

Working outline

A: Opening
1. A bottle of Thanatol sits on a table in full frame.
2. The old man is seen grabbing the bottle, he looks it over but doesn't dwell on it.
3. Narrator begins to describe life and explains that we still grow old and
4. Character reacts to this revelation and pops a pill.

B: Conflict
1. Voice introduces “Thanatol” and its benefits.
2. Character de-ages becomes a younger (middle aged) arrogant man.
3. Narrator begins to list the harmful side effects.
4. Character is tortured by all the side effects.

C: Resolution
1. Character explodes/disintegrates/collapses, leaving only the eyeballs behind.
2. Logo treatment appears, final tag line is read. Ends w/ “Consult your mortician.”

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