04 October, 2008

Character Sheet

Old Dan:
He is an elderly man in his 70's with pale weathered skin. His eyes are a pale green, and a bad comb over of thin withered gray/white hair tops his head. Bushy, unkempt eyebrows peak his eyes. A scowl cuts across his face. He has a thin build with a slight gut and stands a bit hunched over. He’s wearing a brown lined, pastel (pink & yellow) diamond print sweater-vest with a pink dress shirt, and slightly baggy brown slacks. His skivvies are a pair of green with white polka dot boxers. A pair of black socks and white patent leather shoes finishes the ensemble.

Young Dan:
He is a middle aged man, mid 50’s. His skin is rich and flush, eyes are a bright green and his hair is dark with, “a touch of gray.” Rather than a comb over, it sits nicely on his head, full and thick. He wears a smirk proud as a peacock. He’s got a much more muscular and stronger build with no obvious gut and he stands tall. Though dressed the same, he fills his clothing much better than before.

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